We charge $120 for wind mitigation insurance inspections within our Ocala/Villages service area, up to 15 miles from our location in south Marion County. Also, a combo wind mitigation and four-point inspection is $240 for homes less than 2200 square feet.

    What your insurance agent calls a “wind letter” or “wind mitigation form” is officially known as the “Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form.” The purpose of the form is to verify hurricane-resistant structural features of your home so that you can receive insurance discounts on the windstorm portion of your homeowner’s policy. You cannot do the inspection yourself. It must be completed by a Florida-licensed contractor, home inspector, architect, or engineer, and includes photos that document the wind-resistant features found by the inspector.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Here are the things that comprise the inspection:

•• Roof Covering. Does the roof meet the 2001 Florida Building Code? Roofs installed after March 1st, 2002 meet this criterion.

•• Roof Deck Attachment. How is the roof deck (typically plywood sheathing) attached to the trusses or rafters below?

•• Roof To Wall Attachment. How are the trusses or rafters attached to the wall below?

•• Roof Geometry. What shape is the roof? The best shape for hurricane resistance is a hip roof (roof sloped inward on all sides).

•• Secondary Water Resistance. Typically this would be a self-adhered modified bitumen roofing underlayment (such as Grace Ice and Water Shield) or a foam barrier. Secondary water resistance is not usually added in residential construction, but it does get you a nice discount.

•• Opening Protection. What type of hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows and doors are installed in the home?